Irish Foster-Based Dog Rescue

Dogs in Distress rescues unwanted dogs and puppies in Ireland. We believe that a temporary foster home is the best place for a dog to be cared for while waiting to be adopted. Our rescued dogs and pups are placed in foster care, in a secure home environment. Through our fosterers we really get to know our dogs and pups and  learn which type of home they will be best suited to. So we can help adopters to find the right dog for them.

Most of our dogs and pups are rescued from the public pound. We are active in Dublin city, Dublin county and surrounding counties of Meath, Wicklow and Kildare. However we have rescued and homed dogs and pups all over Leinster and the island of Ireland.

Dogs in Distress is run by volunteers; we are passionate about improving the lives of the dogs in our care. Please help us to help them; by adopting a dog from us, fostering one of our rescue dogs or pups or making a donation.

Adopt a Dog

Thanks to our home foster-based approach, we really get to know our dogs. If you would like to adopt a dog we can tell you about the type of home that each of our dogs will be suited to.

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Take Me Home

Evra's fosterer says that he is an amazing, beautiful, affectionate dog who is so good.  He is a medium size and has such soulful eyes. Click his photo to read more.

Foster a Dog

By becoming a fosterer for Dogs in Distress you can help dogs that are desperately in need, in the most practical way possible. We believe a home environment is the best place for a dog. Please help a dog or pup by opening your home and your heart to them. We will support you.

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Foster Me

*Urgent Appeal* We need foster homes for our rescue dogs and pups. If you can offer a short-term home please visit Foster a Dog

Donate & fundraising

Without funds Dogs in Distress would not exist and their would be no Happy Endings for the unwanted dogs and pups that we rescue. Please make a donation to us and help us to continue our work.

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Bubbles needed a special home as she had a tough start in life. She found happiness and made a best doggie friend. Read her story here.

Abandoned and Pregnant

Tessa and her 3 beautiful pups are now in our care

Little Tessa was dumped before Christmas, expecting pups. Dogs in Distress came to the rescue and in mid January Tessa had 3 gorgeous pups by emergency c-section. Mum and pups are doing well. The puppies will be homed at 10 weeks of age. Tessa needs a loving home too. For more information visit our forum.

Dogs in Distress would like to thank the following sponsors for their support.

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